16 December 2023, 2.00 - 4.00 pm Burridge Gardens Community Centre Off Danvers Avenue SW11 1AR Dyeing

Christmas Meeting and End of Year Show

Join us for our Christmas Event and bring along items that you have made for us to admire.

In addition there are a few prizes to win.  These are as follows:

Kennedy Cup for Spinning

Complete an item of your choice which was completed in 2023 using appropriately spun fibres, together with a record of your workings and a skein of the spun yarn.

Lore Youngmark Memorial Prize for Weaving: Stripes

This is open to broad interpretation using any form of weaving equipment or number of shafts, from very simple to complex.  The stripes may be in the warp or weft or both and based on colour, structure, yarn contrast etc. This must be a complete item accompanied by weaving notes, inspiration, yarn and sett details.

The Gwen Shaw Cup for Design: Climate Change

This is a broad theme and can include the impact of climate chnage as well as your response to it.  The submission must include a description of the impact, what inspired you to create your piece and how it translates to your finished piece.

NEW Guild Tapestry Weaving Category: A Walk in Nature

Taking inspriation from nature in your garden or local parks, create a design suitable for tapestry using two techniques of your choice, eg Soumak and pick and pick.  Provide a description and evidence of your design process.

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