7 July 2023, 6.00 - 8.00 pm Zoom Archived

Janet Phillips Deflected Weave Workshop Part 2

On this workshop you will be making a sample blanket which will be woven on 8 shafts.

You will learn the design method to weave deflected double cloth on more than 8 shafts even though the sample blanket will be woven on 8 shafts.

In Janet’s book Exploring Woven Fabrics  she uses 8/2 ne cotton, or 2/17 nm wool but something thicker would be ok 6/2 ne cotton or a wool such as 2/11.5 nm.  You will need 2 colours of about 200 grams each and a tiny bit of a third colour.  Hopefully you will have something suitable in your stash,  If everyone uses a different yarn you will all learn more.

Beginners are welcome to join the course.  It is a simple structure but produces complex looking cloth.  The only proviso is that a beginner must be confident about making a warp and dressing their own loom.

The warp and weft structure will be completed in Lesson 1 so you can then weave the sample blanket in the intervening week and the second lesson would be for developing other ideas and solving problems.

A warping sheet will be sent out to everyone beforehand so that your loom will be ready for weaving. Janet will be available for questions throughout the time of the course.  The lessons will be videoed and available for two weeks after the course. If you cannot attend on the nights of the workshop, the video link will be sent to you but viewing will need to be within thet two week period.

The Workshop cost to London Guild Members is £30.00. Janet also advises that you have a copy of her book Exploring Woven Fabrics as the information in this book will be used throughout the workshop.  This is available from her website janetphillips.co.uk at cost of £39.95.

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20 Places available

This Workshop is now full  28/6/2023

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