11 November 2023, 2.00 - 3.00 pm Zoom Historical

Monthly Guild Meeting: Robbie LaFleur on Norwegian Tapestry: Research On and Off the Loom

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Robbie LaFleur has been following a thread of Scandinavian textile research ever since attending weaving school in Fagernes, Norway, in In this lecture she will discuss traditional Norwegian tapestry, known as billedvev, or ”picture weaving”, which enjoyed a golden age in Norway from approximately 1600-1750. Learn what typifies Norwegian tapestry, and how it continued to influence Norwegian weavers in the 1900s and up to today.

LaFleur was a fellow with the American Scandinavian Foundation in 2019 and traveled to Stavanger, Norway, to study the open warp wool transparency technique of Frida Hansen (1855-1931). The famous Art Nouveau tapestry weaver began her career during the National Romantic era, working to revive traditional weaving techniques and using historical motifs and symbols. Hansen’s personal style evolved, with international Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, and Japanese influences. in addition to her monumental art tapestries, Frida Hansen developed a technique of open warp wool transparencies, used primarily as portieres, or door hangings.

Join Robbie LaFleur to learn about Norwegian weaving and and her particular passion for the art of Frida Hansen.

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